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Advanced Medicine Making 
The poetic science of Herbal Medicine Making Explained 

10 week evening course 

Thursdays May 5th - Jul 7th 2022
Moss Upon a Time, Brunswick 
Naarm (Melbourne) 



The poetic science of herbal medicine making explained 

$1129 for 10 Weeks  
Thurs 6pm – 9pm  
May 5th – Jul 7th 2022  
All materials included  
Moss Upon a Time, Brunswick  
Naarm, Melbourne  
A deep dive into the solubility, formulas and plant chemistry of herbalism.  
For those plant lovers that want their minds blown, those who wish to be better grassroots herbalists, or anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge and skill in hand-crafting medicines.  



This course will assist you to understand the ‘Why’ behind the ‘How’, as each week we uncover the exciting chemistry inside our solvents and herbs, our role as herbalists being to infuse these together in synergy.  


Course Breakdown 

Learn what equipment and materials you will need for your home apothecary, how to determine quality and where to find them. Having a functional herb station creates an easeful and inspiring environment for your crafting.  
Most people may not think of chemistry as particularly awe-inspiring, however we think that it is truly magickal, and would love to share this with you! Learn the basics of plant chemistry and understand why it is herbalist have honed particular ways after all this time.  

From week 4 we will be discussing a type of medicine, the solvent used and why, what herbs are best used with this solvent, their constituents and relevant formulas to making this medicine to an adaquate concentration for use with particular body systems and ailments.  
This is a deeper look into the inner workings of plants, formulating an understanding of the constituents, for serious plant lovers who want to be awe inspired and blown away by the details!  

Unit 1  
Medicine Making Toolkit  
Phytochemistry basics  

Unit 2 
Types of Medicines  
Constituent rundown  

Unit 3 
Understanding solvents  
Water, Alcohol, Vinegar, Honey, Glycerine and Oil  

Unit 4 
Infusions & Decoctions  
Formulas used for water based preparations  
Herbs used in water based preparations  

Unit 5 
Vinegars & Glycerites  
Formulas used for vinegar & glycerine based preparations  
Herbs used in vinegar & glycerine based preparations 

Unit 6  
Formulas used for alcohol based preparations  
Herbs used in alcohol based preparations 

Unit 7  
Infused Oils & Salves  
Formulas used for oil based preparations  
Herbs used in oil based preparations 

Unit 8  
Infused Honey & Syrup  
Formulas used for honey & sugar based preparations  
Herbs used in honey & syrup based preparations 

Unit 9  
The Art of Formulation  
How to formulate herbal blends using traditional and modern sciences  
Not just using the most ‘potent’ herbs for particular ails, but synergizing blends


Unit 10  
Medicine Wheel – bringing it together  
Using traditional wisdom and scientific understanding to better ourselves as herbalists

and supporters of internal and external ecological systems 


If you are a plant lover who wants to learn in an environment where science and mysticism are not mutually exclusive, where intuition is as important as research, and where you can celebrate the unique way you work with herbs whilst still learning the foundations of solid herbal medicine practices, this course has been designed for you.  
We invite you into the wonders of phytochemistry, where the plants speak to you through molecules and magick.  

“When making medicines interacting with bioregional plants, you are preserving the ephemeral nature of time and space, through harnessing the components of the landscape and season, harvesting, drying, and brewing, the medicine simmers that sphere of ecological occasion into a verdant elixir that transcends time.  

The scents, colours, compounds that existed in that window, where you were embedded in the landscape interacting with those particular trees, plants, animals, under that particular sky, now have a place in your kitchen, perhaps to use on your body, and the medicine carries not only the chemistry, but the biological exchange that took place in that moment, between you and the land.  
What a wonder medicine is! And so you see, the medicine is not the product, but the embodiment of the process.”  
- Taj Scicluna  







Being a fringe dweller, The Perma Pixie straddles the worlds of nature connection and professional business, hoping this will ripple through to others and create larger effects beyond the scope of her reach. 


She intends to create a fusion of ancient wisdom with modern times, weaving the awareness of the past with the knowledge at present to form a synergy that will benefit future generations. 

This is where functionality meets alchemy, a marriage of the mystical and practicality, an awareness of the internal and external landscapes which can exist in harmony.

Willow Herbnerd 


Willow Herb-nerd is driven by a deep love of life and a curiosity of systems and mechanisms that make everything possible. She combines old knowledge with modern science, always questioning the inner workings and complexities of the natural world to develop well thought out solutions. 

Working to de-mystify the wisdom of plants, Willow translates this to everyday life so that others can access this lost knowledge and reclaim their relationship to the land. 


Willow weaves the fields of Herbalism and Permaculture design, seamlessly integrating the cultivation and application of plants to produce effective designs, gardens, medicines and courses. 

Having a unique ability to understand patterns and construct functional webs, Willow grounds scientific intelligence with earth based spirituality to formulate grounded alchemy. 


Her authenticity is reflected through her genuine nature, and she is equally as satisfied being enveloped in studious meditation by the fire as she is watching butterflies beat their wings upon the backdrop of the blue sky. She values her transparency, honesty and efficiency, and these qualities are echoed in her work. Each task is carried out with a meticulous rhythm, and the results show a quality reflective of the knowledge and wisdom that Willow uses to produce outcomes aligned with her ethics.  


Willow believes that everyone has the capacity to remember their roots and harbour a re-connection with the wilderness, and uses accessible plants to facilitate this relationship, giving people the opportunity to connect to their local surrounds. 

This is an vital part of Willows work, as she believes that having an intimate understanding of our seasons and cycles is essential to living a life of purpose, freedom and vitality. 

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