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Courses & Workshops

Medicinal Gardening Workshop

Beginner Course 
No Current Courses 

This 2 day course is designed to show participants what the plants that heal actually look like, in order to develop an intuitive approach to health and wellbeing combined with the theoretic and scientific.

Intermediate Course
Online Course Commences March 2022


Farm to Pharmacy, learning essential gardening practices, techniques of germination and cultivation, harvesting, drying and storing plant material, and catalysing this material into herbal medicines.

In Depth Course 
10 Weeks - Evening Class
Bookings Open! 
 -  May 2022 

An advanced exploration of Herbal Medicine Making. Each week explores a different type of medicine in theory and in practice, taking the hand-crafted remedies home with you.

The Herbal Apprentice 

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